Studio rules


• The SCHOOL will accept children ages 2- 18 to the dance studio.
• The ADULT GROUP will be accepting men or women ages 20 or higher, with or without prior dance experience.
• Operating hours for the SCHOOL shall be Monday through Friday from 4:00p.m. until10 p.m.; weekend hours are from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Since it is very difficult to provide schedule that fits everybody’s time, we are kindly asking parents to participate in car pools.
• The child will be responsible to bring with him (or her) dance uniform for every rehearsal. The type of shoes, uniform and the colors required will be announced during the first class of every semester. The instructor reserves the right to prohibit the child to participate in class without proper uniform and/or shoes.
• All students must be in school 8- 10 minutes prior to beginning of each class, so to have ample amount of time to change and prepare for class. If a student is late for class, he/she might not be allowed in class.
• The parents may not be present during the rehearsals, since it distracts the children and therefore disturbs the classroom.

• One of Department MAZURDANCE SCHOOL- International Folk MAZURDANCE Company- has a status of Non-For-Profit Organization. This group will be a performing group and students will be admitted to the group through auditions. All the children of ADVANCE classes, who have been selected through auditions for the MAZURDANCE Company, will continue their education in their normally scheduled classes and will meet for
joined rehearsals of the MAZURDANCE at additionally announced times. During the year International Folk MAZURDANCE Company will participate in various concerts and will perform at festivals, competitions, various cultural events, TV not only in Chicago but also nationally and internationally.

The performers of the MAZURDANCE Company will have the following benefits:
1. Prior to every important cultural event, concert or performance (for example, participation in the Olympic Program in Australia), the rehearsals will be free of charge. Again, this does not include normal class rehearsals in SCHOOL. Instructors will announce the schedule for these rehearsals separately.
2. The performers of MAZURDANCE Company could be partially or completely released from payment for participation in each given event, if enough donations have been secured for such event.
3. The performers of MAZURDANCE could be partially or completely released from payment for travel expenses, nationally or internationally, depending on the amount of funds available from sponsors.

The participation of each child in a selected Class will be based not only on the time he (or she) has been in SCHOOL but also on development skills of the child, such as rhythm, musical inclination, and others. Majority of these skills will be developed during our classes, but this requires time. The children will be transferred from class to class based on their development after each semester, but there could be exceptions.

• The following performances may occur during the year:
~ The SCHOOL will have one annual concert- RECITAL- the conclusive concert
~ The SCHOOL may hold semiannual concerts (not every year)
~ Organization and performances by International Folk MAZURDANCE Company in various schools, universities, dance festivals and seminars- approximately 3-5 concerts per year (plus two final concerts mentioned above).
~ Organization and performances by MAZURDANCE Company (and limited number of chaperoning parents) nationally and internationally.

1. The payment for the upcoming semester is due the FIRST WEEK of each semester. Exceptions will be made on case-by-case basis by special request from parents. If such occurs, the SCHOOL may accept half of the payment for the semester the first week, and the second half in the middle of the semester.
2. If parents educate in School more one child they will obtain the discount:

– For the second child- 20% off

– For the third child – 30% off

3. If parents who educate their children in the School participate in the Adult Classes they will have Discount

– For mother- 10% off

– For father – 30 % off

4. In the beginning of each semester School’s administration will post new information about the upcoming semester:

– Dates for the upcoming semester
– Total number of rehearsals for semester
– The Vacation Dates and beginning of the following semester


5. The maximum amount of students per education class, based on student ages shall be as follows:
2 – 4 years old 9 students
5 – 6 years old 10 students
7 – 9 years old 12 students (big studio)
10-12 years old 14 students (big studio)
13-17 years old 18students (big studio)
During regular rehearsals of all groups and rehearsals of MAZURDANCE Company All participating dancers must be present at all times.
4. In accordance with School’s curriculum and choreography of the SCHOOL, there will be three rehearsals per week (for all SCHOOL groups). Soloists will be asked to appear at extra rehearsals. The only exception will be made for the age group 2- 5 by minimizing the rehearsals to two per week. The instructors cannot guarantee participation of every child in competitions, concerts and performances. However, the participation in the final RECITAL is guaranteed.
* Normal payment means fee for 8-weeks semester