Welcome to Mazurdance


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Many of you have been to our concerts before, and probably already know, that this is our third year that our school is working on a series of interesting Musical Dance Recitals called “The Melodies of My Grandmother’s Treasure Chest”.

It all started with a beautiful story of a boy who found his grandmother’s treasure chest in the attic of an old house. The chest was kept closed for many years, and once opened, the magic music started flowing…. Music that grandmother used to listen to when she was a young girl and now students from Mazurdance love to dance to.
Grandmother had a wonderful selection of musical masterpieces from different parts of the world. Where was this grandmother from? What kind of ethnicity was she? In our story, we have four grandmothers: Russian, American, Jewish and Ukrainian. The melodies from Russian and American grandmas we performed in 2015 and 2016. We will meet our Ukrainian grandmother in 2018, but today we are excited to hear the finest Jewish folklore music and melodies from Jewish composers performed by Jewish singers.

Do not miss this wonderful and unusual performance!

Festival 4x6-English-5